Candy Raver FAQ
What is a Candy Raver?
A Candy Raver is a raver with such a happy and positive vibe that they feel they need to wear the vibe. The typical Candy Raver will wear tons of kids necklaces, bracelets, maybe a huge colorful baby-block chain, stickers, bright colorful clothing, furry stuff, wide pants, and a kids backpack full of toys, stickers, and candy. There is no guideline to what a Candy Raver has to wear, they wear whatever makes them feel happy.

What makes a Candy Raver a Candy Raver?
A Candy Raver is not defined by what they wear. A Candy Raver is defined by what a person feels inside. A Candy Raver will have a huge amount of positive energy inside them and will usually do whatever they feel like doing oblivious to what other people think about it. They're the ones running around raves like they own it and talking to people as if they have known them all their life. There are Candy Ravers who do not dress like the typical Candy Raver described above.

What do Candy Ravers wear?
What a Candy Raver wears varies from raver to raver and scene to scene. Some prefer wearing huge wide furry pants, with many different contrasting colors, or just a single color. A Candy Raver may have tons of flourescent plastic bead necklaces and bracelets, referred to as "candy jewelry". Some Candy Ravers purchase or make for themselves huge plastic baby-blocks, balls, or links, to use as a wallet-chain. A Candy Raver may also wear a kid's backpack. Some Candy Ravers wear lots of glitters and stickers. Some color their hair to their favorite color.

Where did this fashion come from?
This style originated from the ecstacy dealers when the rave scene first began. The dealer would wear the style and since they were bright and easy to spot, all the ravers would know that they had ecstacy. Over time, the style caught on and began to be regular rave attire.

Do all Candy Ravers do drugs?
No. Like any other person, drug usage varies from raver to raver. You don't have to take drugs to be a Candy Raver. For the ones that do drugs, the drug of choice is ecstacy because it makes you act like a kid and brings down fears. Some Candy Ravers come to be high on the music alone.

What types of music do Candy Ravers listen to?
The majority of Candy Ravers listen to Happy Hardcore. But just as other things, the taste varies from raver to raver.

What types of people are Candy Ravers?
Anyone you know may be a Candy Raver. Some choose to wear the style normally on the streets, while others may not because it takes lots of time and effort to do so every day. Some may just keep some of the style as regular attire. Like any other style, Candy Ravers are all over the place, but typically unite at a rave.

What is in a Candy Raver's backpack?
Candy Ravers may have tons of things in their backpack. The most typical are candy to give away, Vicks Vapo-Rubb, massagers, toys, stuffed animals, a sketch book for people to write in, energy/power pills, candy jewelery to give away during the night, a portable fan, stickers, lollipops, and anything else that will fit.

The list was taken from Candy Kid Central and slightly edited for the Denver scene.